About Us

Camperventures is a family owned and operated car rental business on Maui. When you book with us, you know that you’re receiving affordable and reliable local service. Each one of our vans are equipped to meet your personal camping needs. Got kids? Want to surf? Love to cook? Our customizable vacation packages are specifically designed to allow you to experience Maui, your way.


We brought our camper vans to Maui so that we could share the love we have for our island with you. There’s a freedom in driving, in feeling cool wind rushing past your ears as you gaze at the lush, natural beauty all around you. We want to give you the freedom to explore Maui at your own convenience with our campervans and minivans. Here, there are limitless opportunities for adventure and your perfect vacation is just around the bend in the road.


We thoroughly researched and tested each one of our campervans to make sure that they were 100% suitable for you. Reliable, comfortable, and fuel efficient, all of our vans are serviced and outfitted here on Maui by the best mechanics on the island. We keep them pristine, and each one comes equipped with all of the home comforts you would find in a conventional  hotel room. We love our vans and we know that you will too!