CamperVentures is a family owned and operated car rental business on Maui. When you book with us, you know that you’re receiving affordable and reliable local service.  Our customizable vacation packages are designed to allow you to experience Maui, your way.

We brought our camper vans to Maui so that we could share the love we have for our island with you. As adventurers and nature lovers ourselves we know that we are so blessed to live in this diverse island paradise. Maui offers limitless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

We invite you to experience freedom in a whole new kind of vacation – set your own pace as you embrace the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and the Spirit of Aloha.  Enjoy the drive and feel Maui breeze in your hair. 

CamperVentures gives you the freedom to explore Maui in your own way with our fully equipped campervans and minivans. Your perfect vacation is just around the bend!


CamperVenture Maui is happy to offer you a quality selection of Camper Vans and Mini Vans, each outfitted specifically to offer you the maximum comfort and fun as you explore our beautiful island from La Perouse to Haleakalah.

We love our vans and we know that you will too!